Wednesday, 9 September 2015

(Too) Long To Reign Over Us

I think I like the Queen. Although I have no idea what she is really like as a person, it seems, at least from what I have heard and seen of her, she seems ok.

However I do not believe we should have a British Monarchy.

I am all for the disbandment of the monarchy and an end to royalty here in the UK.

The British Monarchy is a symbol of the inequality prevalent here in the West, a sign of the continued growth of the gap between rich and poor. It is ludicrous that an entire family are able to live in such extreme wealth and luxury at the expense of the British population.

They are born into elitism and wealth, held up as heroes for the British people, for British values, for British history. Yet this elitism is part of a larger scale situation where the richest and most powerful are the ones who make decisions that directly impact the lives of us all, always making the elites live in greater wealth and power.  Our democracy has diminished so that we are now in a plutocracy, the Queen part of the problem.

But what do we have to be proud of when it comes to our monarchical history? It is a history steeped in inequality, bloodshed, arrogance, retribution, paranoia and ego.

People across the globe are doing incredible works of compassion and justice, going to places of indescribable poverty and inequality to provide whatever they can in way of love, care and common humanity.  We do not need a monarchy to wave a banner of compassion, it is being done without them.

Tourism is not a reason to keep the monarchy. Our economy will not collapse without a monarchy. People will still visit the UK.  Our history will always sustain intrigue and desire to learn and travel. More than this however is how we justify the Queen's place on the throne by how much money the monarchy allegedly brings into the UK through tourism; he existence is valued at her monetary worth; the god of Mammon rears its greedy head once again as we kneel before its ideology.

We continue to throw money at the wealth of the royal family based on how much money they can bring into the UK.

We continue to cut welfare to the poorest unless they can prove to us they really are very poor.

You're worth is determined, according to current government rhetoric, in terms of how much you can contribute to capitalistic ideology; Prince or pauper, it makes no difference.

But beyond this is that as a follower of Jesus, the One whom Christians hold to be the King of Kings, I will not bend my knee, bow my head or be impressed with earthly royalty.

The Queen sits on a throne with a golden crown, surrounded by servants and luxury and wealth.

Jesus stoops down in the dust and washes the dirty feet of his friends.

Jesus dies beaten bloody and naked on a cross, buried in a borrowed tomb.

I have no time for rulers and kings, sitting in places of power and luxury whilst half the world writhe in poverty. I will not serve a royal family, a government, corporations or Systems that enslave.

I seek to follow the One who calls the world to unconditional grace, love and forgiveness, the One who sees humanity as equals among equals, who raises the lowly, blesses the meek, loves the outcast.

The One who came to serve not be served.

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