Friday, 14 August 2015

Why I Didn't Vote But Support Jeremy Corbyn

I did not vote in this years General Election.

Democracy has long since departed Britain and I refused to be part of a token system that does not represent true democracy. We now live in a plutocracy - a ruling class of wealthy people.

This is why I support Jeremy Corbyn.

Our political landscape currently is dominated by neoliberal politics. What this means is that the Market Rules, so 'free trade' is encouraged without restraint by government. Corporations can basically do what they like for 'growth' and profit.  It also means mass privatisation on all things, concentrating the wealth to the elite and already super-rich.  Added to this is the move away from community to individual responsibility that in turn brands people 'lazy' or 'scroungers'.

The Conservative government represents all that is wrong with neoliberalism. But 'New Labour' does not fair much better.

So when the 'choice' was given to vote I opted out of a broken system that does not reflect true democracy.

Notice how much energy and time is spent in the run up to an election to gain your vote.  The reason for this is that you do not have a say about anything that happens in the decision making of this country. The power has been given to the wealthy elites who hold all the cards, so a 'vote' for the people is merely a way of keeping the masses content. The general Election was not decided by the people but by corporations and the banking system.

Democracy is when the people together have power to determine how the country is run, for the good of all the people.  The system we currently have does no such thing.

Jeremy Corbyn represents a political shift. What he is saying resonates with many who recognise that our current government are destroying the country causing pain, misery and oppression. Not only that, but Labour are currently a joke of an opposition party who represent the same political values as the Conservatives.

Jeremy Corbyn is an actual voice of opposition.

There is a lot of slandering and noise coming from the other Labour leader candidates as well as Tony Blair and others towards Corbyn. I hope they keep it up because it highlights how different Corbyn is and then how needed a voice like his is.

I'm not a Labour supporter, but I do support Corbyn which is why I signed up to the party. I hope he gets in.

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