Friday, 10 July 2015

Self-Harm and Depression

'It is terrifying how common it can be to feel utterly numb to everything around me. It's like living inside the world with headphones and sunglasses on; everything is duller in colour and in sound. Reality has become something Other and I feel disconnected. I have sat at home and wondered if I will feel anything significant again; I have been scared that numbness will be normal. Self harm enters the arena as a means to feel something significant, even if that is pain. It feels shameful and stupid but for a fleeting moment it feels of something.'

This is an except from my twin brother's article on Huffington Post and you can read it here.

Please read it, share it and learn from it.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I had my fight with depression. A lot of talking,a lot of drugs and after few year i turned to alternative ways to deal with it. I stumbled upon some blog and it gave me some info

Anonymous said...

After being depressed for ten years or so. Now I know why people kill themselfs. They just want it to stop.

Joe Haward said...

People have said this to me before Anon.I imagine you simply want a glimpse of light, a breakthrough from the darkness. This is why I am thankful for Tom's article as it deals honestly and openly with very real and painful realities. Maybe if more and more space is created to talk and share without fear of judgement or misunderstanding then those like yourself with depression know there are those who will walk with you. Peace Anon.