Tuesday, 7 July 2015

He's Been Thinking About You...Honestly...

He's been thinking about you...

The closure of the Independent Living Fund that was set up to specifically help many within the disabled community live as independently as possible has been closed meaning the very real possibility that this money will no longer be ring-fenced for some of the most vulnerable within our communities. The consequences could be/will be horrific.

Cuts to mental health services resulting in further pain and unheard screams.

Over 1 million people forced into using food banks last year.

The ever widening gap between rich and poor and the most vulnerable due to cuts in services, support and financial help.

Over 1 million people on zero hours contracts meaning no guarantee of work or pay.

A third of British children living in poverty.

50, 000 people dying because they could not afford to heat their home.

Unknown amount of people dying due to welfare payments being stopped.

Tuition fees tripled.

Education system dismantled into a capitalistic system of 'testing' in order to create a generation of children who do not question or think and are fed into the System to create money for the 'Beast' to survive.

Child Tax Credits probably being cut.

Cuts in legal aid meaning those who are most vulnerable and in poverty will receive even less help and less of a voice in situations often beyond their control.

Welfare caps that are arbitrary and completely unnecessary.

A push to change the Human Rights Act in order to remove human rights.

A push for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership in order to give greater control to corporations and further undermine and remove democracy and increase the gap between rich and poor.

Pushing through plans for Fracking that will cause further misery on our planet and for those who live near fracking sites.




Yup, he, David Cameron and the Conservative Government have really been thinking about you.

So glad Murdoch's 'news' empire is there to tell us what is really going on in the world...

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