Monday, 18 May 2015

Apocalypse Now

Steadily withdraw funds from the public sector thus creating a strain on services and increasing public anxiety and anger over those services. Privatisation is then seen to be the only option thus opening the door for corporations to control the entire system.

Change trading laws both nationally and internationally so that said corporations can remove human rights and state law in order to continually maximise profits on almost anything - water, fuel, food, land, health - and increasing their power and influence.

Prop up dictatorial regimes through continued propagation of war and faulty foreign policy whilst all the time providing weapons and information that further destabilize regions and create ideology, radicalisation and hatred.

Through a perceived threat of 'terror' increase militarization, surveillance, laws, and further remove human rights under the propaganda of 'security'.

Remove education and replace it with tests so that people are encouraged not to think for themselves and question the System.

Raise fear levels through the threat of 'other'.

Encourage materialism and consumerism to quench those fears as well as using the same media that promotes capitalism to focus our attention on side issues that do not really matter whilst always increasing fear levels.

Promote victimization and scapegoating to enable the fear and anxiety to be released, resulting in violence, animosity and further radicalisation.

Through increased violence and social instability, supposed economic instability, 'terrorism', erosion to education, increased powers to corporations and banks, stripping of human rights and removal of true democracy, capitalistic business, corporations and banks, assisted and enabled by government, can dictate and determine according to their own desire and greed.

Whole groups of society will be destroyed, democratic rights demolished, freedom of speech eradicated and subservience to their rule demanded.

Or am I being a bit dramatic?

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