Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Meaningful Meaninglessness

'We have to break out. We have to accept life in its meaninglessness, its pleasures that serve nothing etc. Because the paradox is that if you take away from life those things that serve nothing what remains is that which is purely fictional, the paradox being that it actually leaves nothing. Everything collapses.' Slavoj Žižek

What Žižek is getting at here and refuting is the idea that everything we do has to serve a purpose, has to meaningful and contribute in some way to our society.

So the constant rhetoric surrounding our political system at the moment is 'those who work hard get rewarded'.  Our worth then is tied directly to how hard we work and if what we do serves a purpose to better the system and society.

Our education system is steeped in this type of thinking as primary school children are put through test after test as though their ability to answer questions on a test paper is reflective of how well educated and valuable they are.

It's all nonsense.

Capitalism demands that people are simply a resource that is used to enable it to continue. Anything that is done that serves no purpose in a capitalist, consumeristic society is thrown away, ridiculed and actively suppressed.

Yet this system is purely fictional. It is nothing. It itself has no purpose but the continued oppression of the beautifully gifted, which is everyone.

When you die you will not look back on your life and wish that you had been able to buy a bigger house or a better car or a smarter phone. No, you will wish that you had spent more time with those whom you love, that you had been a better mum/dad/husband/wife/friend/partner/sister/brother etc etc.  Your regrets will be about relationship.

Kicking leaves during autumn is what you will remember.

Building snowmen is what you will remember.

Games of hide and seek.

Celebrations, meals, holiday.

Cuddles on the sofa. Kisses under the stars. Singing in the car.

The things that cannot be measured, those pleasures that serve nothing but are everything. This is what matters, this is why we thrive. History leaves an echo and lasting legacy of those who have transformed society through creative acts, through imagination, through the act of unconditional love.

After his resurrection Jesus sits on the beach and cooks fish over the fire, warms some bread and invites his friends to eat with him.  The Risen God who has destroyed the power of sin and death desires to sit on the beach and eat with friends.  This is what matters.

Let your children be children and do things that serve no purpose other than the enjoyment of it.
Eat meals with friends, go for walks, lie in the sun and read a book for no other reason than the enjoyment of it.

We've been sold the lie that only that which creates money, generates wealth and furthers the capitalistic structures we dwell in is of value. The reality is that it is valueless, fictional, nothing.

Go imagine, create, pursue meaninglessness, value relationships above and beyond all other things.

In other words, 'Love one another'.  May that above all other things determine your life.

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