Thursday, 5 February 2015

Excluded Possibilities

Paul Tillich once said, 'Love conquers...the excluded possibilities.'

2000 years before him Paul said that love never fails.

And before him Jesus said 'Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.'

Humanity is connected in ways beyond our comprehension. We are a collective people where self-imposed and power-imposed and fear-imposed boundaries separate us, yet these boundaries can never extinguish the shared humanity, the collective consciousness, the inter-connectedness that is a reality of our existence.

So we need to learn ways to reconnect, to be brave and go beyond the boundaries to rediscover our common humanity, the image of God in each of us.

And yet we are a violet and rivalistic species, imitating each others desires to the point where we will scapegoat in order to calm our violence. Rene Girard's groundbreaking work on mimesis highlights our innate desire to violently desire to the point of sacrificing those whom we have scapegoated in order to restore peace, at least for a time.

In Jesus we see one who speaks out as the innocent victim, whose story we hear from the victim's perspective. We see in Jesus an end to the scapegoating mechanism, an exposure of its lie.

In Jesus we finally see the excluded possibilities.

Forgiveness. Nonviolence. Reconciliation.  Common humanity.

Capitalism thrives on scapegoating, on mimetic rivalry and violence. The world economy is built on this and any threat to its existence is quickly and brutally destroyed. Yet movements are growing, voices are rising to say that there is another way, we can transform through the excluded possibilities, we are waking up to our ignorance and inability to see what we are doing.

There are those who can see past the way capitalism turns us into resources to be used to further the System that enslaves. There are those who are beginning to imagine another way.

Who knows what will happen in Greece. Perhaps this is the beginning of something remarkable.

Here in the UK we need to be brave. Revolution often happens spontaneously, through collective desire for transformation. Maybe there are enough people in the UK who are sick and tired of the political rhetoric, the power held by the few, the oppression, greed and abuse of the banking system and big businesses.

Maybe, just maybe enough people can see through the lies, the fog of deceit and imagine and create a different future? Maybe there are people who truly believe in the power of love, and that love will truly never fail.

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