Friday, 6 February 2015

A War Prayer

Heavenly Father

Have mercy upon us.

As we look around the world we see violence and destruction, death and decay, hatred and murder.

We watch in horror as bombs shatter lives, leaving behind weeping, rubble, blood and bitterness.

We despair as hatred and apathy leave victims living in fear.

Yet like anaesthetic coursing through our veins we watch on.

We pray for the lives destroyed in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and many others beyond our sight. Forgive us Lord in the West for our own greed and violence that has created further unrest and suffering for those living in these lands. Forgive us Lord for our ideological and political bullshit that furthers the injustice and oppression of people, not just in these lands but in other places across the world.

We pray Prince of Peace for an end to conflict.

Help us Lord to a people of imagination who can find ways to eradicate injustice without adding injustice, who can develop peace without violence and guns, who can work for reconciliation and forgiveness whilst setting both oppressed and oppressor free.

Deliver us from the evil of violence and shake us from our lust for violence that we might walk in the way of true discipleship, a discipleship of nonviolent, forgiving love.

Enable us Lord to see in every face the face of Jesus so that we might pray, love and forgive. Give us the strength to love our neighbour, those who we are least like, most afraid of and prejudiced towards.

Give us the imagination to picture our own children and loved ones as those dropping the bombs and having bombs dropped on them and so to then consider a different way. Give us the imagination to see our own children and loved ones as perpetrators of murder and then so to imagine another way.

Help us Lord to begin the painful pursuit to peace that we might see and work beyond our shallow desires.

Grant us grace for today and hope for tomorrow.

In the name of Jesus, the bringer of true Peace.


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