Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Taken and Given

'...the violence we use creates new evil...It inculcates the longing for revenge, and for what the losers call "justice."' Walter Wink

The Taken films highlight Winks point well.

Now those of us who have watched the Taken films know that they are pure entertainment designed to make you root for the 'good guy' in his quest to kill the 'bad guy'.  Interestingly though they bring to the surface the very problem we continually face within our violent world of how our violence creates more violence, and the evil which we seek to overthrow through violence we end up mirroring.

Notice at the end of the trailer above how Neeson's character mirrors the 'evil' character in the first film.

Violence begets violence. We become a mirror image of the evil we seek to destroy.

In the Taken films Neeson's character is pursued by people seeking justice for the deaths of the people he killed in the first film. The spiral of violence means that 20th Century Fox can get three films out of the Taken brand.

What is chilling is how through the spiral of violence the West have been able to get a third war out of Iraq.

Art imitates life.

People on all sides speak of justice and revenge, interchanging the words endlessly, yet our perpetual violence leads others to imitate it with no justice (understood in the proper way) ever rising from the ashes of violence and war.

If we allowed ourselves the courage to pursue nonviolent solutions humanity would be led into an imagination, a solution to the violence of this world, that we could never dared to dream of.

Taken for all its cinematic nonsense provides us with a fascinating commentary on how humanity creates new evil through our violent 'solutions' and end up mirroring the very thing we were seeking to destroy.

'Even if we lose, we shall win, for our ideals will have penetrated the hearts of our enemies.'  Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda minister.

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