Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Keep Calm and Trust the System

It is the System that is the problem, not the people within the System. Yet the people within the System become so enslaved to It that they are no longer able to see beyond it.

We can rage at the decisions and actions of those people within the System, and rightfully challenge their continued abuse and oppression, but they themselves are part of a bigger 'thing' that is out of their control.

At the next election here in the UK we are presented with a real issue as to who to vote for. None of the political parties are in any way unique or different, they are simply part of a System that controls them. Any party who gets into power in 2015 will simply become part of the oppressive System that continues to humiliate, indoctrinante and oppress.  And this is the very real challenge for those of us who are seeking transformation and redemption for and from the System.

We live in a time here in the UK where those who rule (big business, banks, government) create a complex framework of laws that often contradict each other and provide a confusing and impossible System to navigate oneself through.  This means that 'the ruler' is able to enforce their rule over people by declaring their guilt in breaking certain laws, even though the people have been seeking to protest within the law. Often the very act of abiding by a law in turn contravenes another law.  'The ruler' can then choose who they want to silence through the enforcement of a particular law.

An example of this is the current protest in London by Occupy London. It is a democratic right to have the freedom to peaceful protest, and yet police are routinely removing peaceful protesters and arresting them based on some other law that enables them to contravene the rights of the protesters.  The reality is that the police are acting against democracy and human rights, yet 'the rulers' are able to enforce their rule according to what suits their own narrative and interests.

As long as you do not question and continue with the status quo then you will be able to continue in your life according to the way 'the rulers' want you to continue in your life, namely capitalistic consumerist greed that enslaves all, makes the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Yet throughout history the world has witnessed remarkable transformation through the non-violent struggle of different groups who were willing, from grassroots level, to strive to bring about change. If enough people are willing and brave enough to ignore the dominant narrative within our culture and pursue another path then it is possible to bring about change.

Something has to spark your imagination though. And usually the protest comes spontaneously as a result of injustice and oppression from the rulers.  So in the mean time we need to retrain our brains, we need to look at the world differently, being willing to be made aware of the real narrative.

Do not become cynical, rather try to become a realist. What you need to remember is that the people in power are part of a System that is out of their control, therefore do not dehumanise these people, rather seek to love them as a person of equal worth and value.

I believe this is why Jesus is foundational to the transformation that is needed. He was able to see beyond the structures and stories being told and reveal the truth of the System.

His death meant the death of death and the shattering of the sacrificial System. No longer is there sacred sacrifice that can justify scapegoating and murder because Jesus has revealed it to be idolatrous, blasphemous and evil. So we cannot call our murder 'justice' or 'sacred' any longer. A secular society however needs something to justify its violence and so seeks new ways to do that.

Fear becomes the dominant mode.

'The rulers' want you to be afraid so that they might be able to justify their violence and oppression. Fear makes it easier to mobilise people and get them to do what you want them to do.

Perfect love casts out fear and so we once again hear the voice of Jesus telling us, 'Get up, don't be afraid.'

A time may arise, even tomorrow, that will propel you into an imaginative situation that calls you to protest in a way that you never even imagined. A spark may be released that ignites a movement that brings the kind of transformation that many people all over the world throughout history have witnessed and been part of.

Do not believe the lie that you are in a democracy and that you therefore are listened to by 'the rulers'. The Spirit is at work in many ways calling people to bring about transformation within their own communities and beyond. Allow the Spirit to mould, train and prepare you for a time not of your own making that will enable change to come.

Be brave, you're not on your own.

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