Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Keep Calm and Trust the System

It is the System that is the problem, not the people within the System. Yet the people within the System become so enslaved to It that they are no longer able to see beyond it.

We can rage at the decisions and actions of those people within the System, and rightfully challenge their continued abuse and oppression, but they themselves are part of a bigger 'thing' that is out of their control.

At the next election here in the UK we are presented with a real issue as to who to vote for. None of the political parties are in any way unique or different, they are simply part of a System that controls them. Any party who gets into power in 2015 will simply become part of the oppressive System that continues to humiliate, indoctrinante and oppress.  And this is the very real challenge for those of us who are seeking transformation and redemption for and from the System.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Taken and Given

'...the violence we use creates new evil...It inculcates the longing for revenge, and for what the losers call "justice."' Walter Wink

The Taken films highlight Winks point well.

Now those of us who have watched the Taken films know that they are pure entertainment designed to make you root for the 'good guy' in his quest to kill the 'bad guy'.  Interestingly though they bring to the surface the very problem we continually face within our violent world of how our violence creates more violence, and the evil which we seek to overthrow through violence we end up mirroring.