Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Democracy? What Democracy?

Let us be under no illusions, we do not live in a time of democracy.

Certainly we have democracy in the sense that I am able to go and vote for a party. Yet in the very real sense I am no longer free to vote because there is no freedom in my vote.

What I mean by this is that the landscape of politics is such that I am left with little to no actual voice through my vote. Whomever I put a X against will do little to change the landscape of the political desert. We are in a situation where the main political parties have continually undermined the voices of the people and repeatedly acted in ways that oppress, abuse and damage. And no matter who I vote for this will continue to happen as political agenda, narcissism, greed and misplaced desire dominate. Time and again we are told that 'hardworking people' will be rewarded casting suspicion and distrust on anyone who does not appear to fall into such a category.

Voting for UKIP is not a protest vote but a vote for the increase in fear of 'other'. Indeed all political language from all parties promote segregation, suspicion and scapegoating. Politics and media have encouraged people to become very self obsessed and view themselves as a victim. Therefore, as a victim, you look for others to blame for your fall in perceived life quality. So fingers start pointing to groups of other people to find someone to blame for the situation. Confusion, fear and acusation reigns.

In the midst of it all an apparent voice of the people rises up, people believe the lies, take on a mob mentality and vote accordingly. This is how racism and far right ideology manages to gain such a dominant foothold throughout history.

True transformation within our communities will only happen through the collective compassion of people at grassroots level. It happens through the unseen acts of kindness, humility and love. Lives are changed, hope is imagined through the power of a Peasant Carpenters call for us to love one another. We need to be a people of creativity, imagination, art, justice and sacrificial love, a people willing to oppose powers of corruption, greed, violence and fear.

Think carefully tomorrow, act wisely...

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