Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Wrong Table

Jesus sat, ate and drank at all the wrong tables with all the wrong kind of people.

Liars. Thieves. Prostitutes. Drunks. The greedy. The unbelievers. The proud and the prostitutes.

What was he thinking?

But then that was the point.

The Table is a place where the lines are blurred, where rich and poor, oppressed and oppressor, powerful and powerless become equals. Where the first become last and the last become first.

All of us eating the same food, drinking together, looking one another in the eyes.

Equals over bread and wine.

Jesus allowed a whore
to wash his feet with her tears and hair forever challenging and changing how we understand value and identity. In Jesus' day to allow a woman like to touch you was to become contaminated, filthy and unclean. Jesus saw in her beauty, a woman who had been abused, a woman whom God loves with an everlasting love.

Jesus is good news to all.

He is good news to you.

The table is a symbol of how destructive sin is. How it rots and destroys all that is good and beautiful. Yet upon this table are symbols of life.

Bread and wine.

Peace, hope, joy, redemption, love, forgiveness, freedom, life.

It is a Table where all are welcome, all are invited as equals to share, to taste and see that God is good.

Our calling is to welcome the stranger and the enemy to join us at this Table as a guest and to create the 'free and fearless space where friendships and relationships can be formed and fully experienced.'

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