Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Cry of Christmas

As God made flesh is born he sucks in His first breath and releases a cry into the darkness.

The cry of this newborn Jesus is the cry of God into the darkness and brokenness of our world.  It is a cry that screams at the injustice, oppression and suffering of our wounded world.  It is a cry that longs for the weak, vulnerable and downtrodden to know that God has not forgotten them.  It is a cry that shares in the suffering of humanity.  It is a cry that exposes how weak and vulnerable we are. And the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the One in and through whom all things find their being, shares in that weakness and vulnerability crying out into the darkness and cold of that first Christmas night.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Atheism and Magical Thinking

'I do not regard true philosophical atheism as an intellectually valid or even cogent position; in fact, I see it as a fundamentally irrational view of reality, which can be sustained only by a tragic absence of curiosity or a fervently resolute will to believe the absurd. More simply, I am convinced that the case for belief in God is inductively so much stronger than the case for unbelief that true philosophical atheism must be regarded as a superstition, often nurtured by an infantile wish to live in a world proportionate to one's hopes or conceptual limitations...

When I say atheism is a kind of obliviousness to the obvious, I mean that if one understands what the actual philosophical definition of "God" is...and if consequently one understands what is logically entailed in denying that there is any God so defined, then one cannot reject the reality of God...without embracing an ultimate absurdity...

The only fully

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Wrong Table

Jesus sat, ate and drank at all the wrong tables with all the wrong kind of people.

Liars. Thieves. Prostitutes. Drunks. The greedy. The unbelievers. The proud and the prostitutes.

What was he thinking?

But then that was the point.

The Table is a place where the lines are blurred, where rich and poor, oppressed and oppressor, powerful and powerless become equals. Where the first become last and the last become first.

All of us eating the same food, drinking together, looking one another in the eyes.

Equals over bread and wine.

Jesus allowed a whore

Monday, 2 December 2013

The Bible UK

So on Saturday night Channel 5 premiered 'The Bible', a dramatised retelling of some of the more 'famous' stories from Scripture.

'Aiming to stay true the spirit of the original stories' the series will take us from Genesis to Revelation.

So I watched it.

With every film or production based on Scripture we are dealing with