Wednesday, 13 November 2013

'Get Up, Don't Be Afraid'

We live in an age of fear where daily we are bombarded with stories and scenarios designed to make us afraid and fearful.

We lose trust for each other and become cautious of the stranger so that find ourselves detached and distant from those around us.

We fear what might happen so we have life insurance, car insurance, home insurance, pet insurance.

We become afraid of losing our security which is summed up in our possessions; we become possessed by fear produced by our possessions.

Government, media and advertisers prey on us out of this fear and slowly, like a poison, fear numbs us and paralyses us.

Yet Jesus comes to us, touches us by His Spirit and tells us, 'Get up, don't be afraid.'

At Jesus' transfiguration the disciples glimpse His glory. The glimpse the day when the sun and moon will no longer be needed as he glory of Jesus will be our light. They witness and glimpse a time coming when Jesus, in His glory, will embrace us in His magnificent love and compassion, leading us into the beauty of the Promised Land, dwelling in the presence and glory of God.

Until that day Jesus comes to us and says,
'Get up, don't be afraid.'

Yet this same One who reveals Himself in transfiguration glory is the same One who suffers and dies in crucified glory.

This is the paradox and the beauty; we worship a Crucified and Risen God.

This One whose face shines brighter than the sun is the same One whose face is covered in spit, blood and bruises.

This One whose clothes become as white as the light is the same One who hangs naked on the Cross surrounded by darkness.

This One whose Father speaks to Him from a bright cloud declaring His love and pleasure is the same One who screams in felt forsakenness into the silence of the dark mist.

But each of us are called to follow this same One that we may be captivated by Him in all His glory and suffering.

This is the God who knows us in our suffering, who places His hand upon us and calls us to look up from the fear that paralyses us that we might only see Jesus. This is the Jesus who speaks to us by name and says, 'Get up, don't be afraid.'

He beckons us to follow Him in faith, not fearing anyone or anything. To fix our eyes on the coming of the glory of the Lord and to declare His gospel to a hurting, fearful and broken world.

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