Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Nonviolence and the Mission of God - With Michael Hardin

On Saturday 16th November Michael Hardin from Preaching Peace and writer of ‘The Jesus Driven Life’ will be running a days seminar on ‘Nonviolence and the Mission of God’ at Barton Baptist Church, Barton, TQ2 8EU.
What does it mean for the Church to be a people of peace? How can we preach peace to those who are far off? How do we walk faithfully in the footsteps of the One who was crucified and raised to life? The day will consist of exploring questions such as these and how nonviolence and this path of discipleship can impact the mission of the church in the communities that we live and serve.

The day will run from 9am-3pm and
will include teaching, conversation and discussion. It promises to be a day of challenge and inspiration.

Tea and coffee will be provided, but please can you bring a packed lunch with you.

The day is free of charge, so we simply ask for a donation on the day towards the ministry and work of Michael. At the end of this is a short bio of Michael.
To book a place or for any more info give me a ring on 01626 680944 or email

‘Michael Hardin is the co-founder and Executive Director of Preaching Peace, a non-profit based in Lancaster, PA whose motto is “Educating the Church in Jesus’ Vision of Peace.” An internationally known speaker, he is one of the earliest members of the Colloquium on Violence and Religion and is a co-founder of Theology and Peace, also based in the United States. Michael was educated at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago and is a PhD candidate at Charles Sturt University in Canberra, Australia.  
He is the co-editor of Stricken by God?: Nonviolent Identification and the Victory of Christ (Eerdmans, 2007), Peace Be With You (Cascadia 2009), Compassionate Eschatology (Wipf & Stock, 2010), editor of Reading the Bible with Rene Girard (Wipf & Stock 2013) and author of the acclaimed The Jesus Driven Life (JDL Press, 2010).  He is currently writing his latest book Lamb Up!: The Resurrection Gospel.’ 

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