Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Psalm 23...

One Saturday in September 2013 we all had a go at writing our own versions of Psalm 23.  Below are some of the ways people expressed Psalm 23 in their own images and language.  Enjoy...

'The Lord is my librarian, He supplies all that I can read.
He helps me be quiet and to rest.
He leads me to the best books.
Even when I go through bad books I don't need
to be afraid because you're with me.
You prepare books for me that I love.
Surely the books that I love will get me to love you,
And I will be in the library with you forever.'  Grace

'The Lord is my football coach, he looks after me.
He makes me rest and drink water during training.
He encourages me to play better and sets training plans to build my games.
Even when I don't feel confident and I play badly,
I know my coach will encourage me to play well and score.
You show me how to win against teams
And train me so I have the skils to win.
I know you will always help me to play my best
And I will be welcome to play in your team forever.' Phil and Kai

'The Lord is my friend and companion, He is always with me.
He is faithful and His grace is sufficent for me.
I walk in righteousness to honour him.
Life is not always good or easy,
We face all kinds of hardship, but there is certainty that He is with me.
He may not change and make bad things go away, but he promises to stay and comfort me.
Rod is to teach me, staff is to point me to the right direction when I am lost.
Anyone who has caused me pain will see me rewarded.
I will never thirst again as I will be with him forever.' Michaela

The Lord is my librarian, he has all the information that I need.
He lets me rest in the quiet section,
And he's there to lead me to the books I need when I am ready.
He renews my strength.
He guides me to the reference section.
Even when I walk through a dimly lit, messy shelf, I will not be afraid, For you are close by me to help me select the book I need
And turn on a light to show me the way.
Your knowledge of the library knows no bounds.
You are infectious in your love for books and book readers.
You help everyone find the most suitable books for them
To make them gain more knowledge and be at peace in your library.' Tabitha

The Lord is my gardener, he roots me in good, rich fertile soil,
In His quiet, sunny walled garden.
Pruning the stubborn shoots to bloom again,
And removing the entwined briars and weeds to bring freedom again.
When dark clouds loom, he brings refreshing rain.
Though thunder rolls overhead and drought may come.
He revives me with springs vitality.' Jackie

'The Lord is my friend who is always with me,
And always helps me.
He takes me everywhere
And gives me a bed and a room with lego. Amen' Alex

The Lord is my riding companion.
When we hit open road we find a great spot to stop.
When I'm not sure to turn left or right, you direct me and show me the road ahead.
Even when I break down or fall off
You are with me, keeping me safe.
You provide petrol stations when I'm running low on fuel.
You are always with me,
You never try and get off!' Julian

'The Lord is my Captain, he will not let me capsize.
He guides me down peaceful tides
Helping me rest in trust for Him.
The tide can turn
The wide will blow
Night closes in
Fear will sieze  my heart
Waves crash over the sides.
But you are with me, steering through my darkest hour
Leading me to a new dawn.
The stars are a sign of your work, shining and showing the Way.
They are a sign of your comfort.
I see the Morning Star and know that I am loved.
Fish and oysters are a feast that you catch and prepare for me
and for those I despise and who despise me.
Together we eat this meal, sharing the same table.
You beckon and call us to  be reconciled, to be at peace and forgive each other.
Your refreshing breeze soothes my soul
Joy bubbles up as your steer us home.
And I will  journey across the seas towards home
 with you to the Land that you have Promised.' Joe


Karl Relton considering 21st Century Mission said...

I love it!

James + Julia Henley said...

Thank you for this :)

Joe Haward said...

No prob! They have been amazing to read and a really good way of rooting the Psalm in our own reality...