Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A Prayer by William Barclay

'O God, our Father, we know that by ourselves we can do nothing.

If we try to face our work by ourselves
          we collapse beneath our burdens and responsibilities. Our bodies become exhausted; our minds grow weary; our nerves are tensed beneath the strain.

If we try to face our temptations by ourselves,
          the fascination of the wrong things is too strong. Our resistance is defeated, and we do the things we know we should never do, because we cannot help it.

If we try to face our sorrows by ourselves,
          there is nothing to heal the wound upon our hearts, nothing to dry the fountain of our tears, nothing to comfort the loneliness which is more than we can bear.

If we try to face our problems by ourselves,
          we cannot see the right way; and, even when we se it, we cannot take it; and even when we take it, we cannot follow it to the end.

We know our need.  Life has taught us that we cannot walk alone.  So be with us to help, to guide, to comfort, to sustain, that in all the changes and the chances of life, whatever light may shine or shadow fall, we may meet life with steady eyes, walk in wisdom and strength, in purity and in joy everlasting.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.'

William Barclay

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Anonymous said...

Great Prayer! I'm going to use this coming Sunday evening at our new worship gathering 'Overflow'. I'm speaking on where does the source of your power come from?

Thanks Joe! Tim C-W