Wednesday, 12 December 2012

I'm Sorry...

I have a confession to make.

I am really sorry.  I'm not sure what came over me, but I need to share with you what happened.  I hope you won't think any less of me, but...

I watched God TV last night.

I know it was wrong and that I shouldn't of done it.  Maybe it was because I was tired and I let temptation get the better of me.  I'm not sure.

I know that it isn't a true picture of what God is like.  I know that they are showing me something false and unhealthy.  I know it is full of lies and propaganda, but I just felt myself drawn in by the sheer absurdity of it all.

I mean when you hear preachers telling you to 'sow a seed of $1000' so that you can release the currency of heaven, you know it's ridiculous, but you can't help but keep watching. What is the currency of heaven anyway?  Does Jesus take Mastercard or is it cash only?

When they tell you Jesus is going to lay down some serious butt-kicking against anyone who stands against the place of Israel, you think you're watching a Hollywood film.  Picture it, 'Are you ready for the Master?' said in a deep manly voice with pictures of floating people going up to heaven for the Rapture, demons fighting angels, and God laying some WWE type smackdown. You know it hasn't got anything to do with the Bible, but we like films, don't we?

When they are talking about demons mating with humans and creating demon/human hybrids that are walking the earth right now becoming an army for Satan ready to lay down some serious Armageddon, you're spitting your tea out in laughter, but you keep watching.

I hope you'll all forgive me for my sin.

My worry is that people watch this and believe it is what God is like.  My worry is that people watch this and allow their theology to be decided by it.  My worry is that people watch this and stop thinking.

Lord, have mercy...

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