Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Fish Climbing a Tree

'Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.'  Albert Einstein

We need to name the relentless activism of church life for what it is, that is, idolatry.

The constant pursuit of busyness is yet another form of temple sacrifice that we believe will cleanse us from our sin and make God do the things that we want him to do.  So we continue in this ever increasing cycle of activism believing that somehow this will get the church to grow and the Kingdom to come.  And we can justify our activism through the many different people we see through the week through our idolatry.  We can say that we saw X amount of people and we were very busy trying to satisfy the needs of said people.

Yet when the dust settles and we stand in the presence of God, our relentless activism will not be how we know God.  It will be how we lived with Him that will matter.  Indeed, our relentless activism will only ever lead us away from God.

In our activism we don't need to pray.

In our activism we can live as atheists because it is our busyness that sees people coming to church and programmes and events.

The problem is that people are drawn to the activism and not to God.  And so we have an ever increasing culture of people who declare Jesus is Lord with their mouths but live as though God doesn't exist.

And in our activism and our relentless pursuit of 'more' we try and squeeze people into roles that they are not called, gifted or passionate in, because, without them, who then can we sacrifice to the god of busyness?

The church is filled with gifted people, passionate about many and various things.  They need to be released into their proper calling, not squeezed into something that they have no passion of gift for.

Ministers and leaders and churches need to repent of the relentless activism and busyness.  Things need to change for the spiritual health of our church communities.

We must not bend our knee to the god of this busy age that demands that we sacrifice our souls to the pursuit of more time, more activity, more success and more salvation.

God is not impressed by our busyness, and people will not discover their identity and life in Christ through our busyness.  The very opposite will happen.

We end up with a community full of fish who have no idea what the tree of Christ is really all about.

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