Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A Relevant Gospel

The church is not called to make the Gospel credible to an unbelieving world.

The church is not called to make the Gospel 'relevant'.

The church is called to make the world credible to the Gospel.

The Gospel is relevant because it is the Gospel.

The world does not determine what the church believes.

The world does not determine how the church lives.

The Gospel determines how the church lives and what the church believes.

So the church is called to be faithful to the Gospel, living as the people that God has called us to live according to the life that Jesus beckons us towards.  Jesus embodied his very teaching, living what he taught, and he calls his disciples to follow him in the same way.

To live as faithful disciples of God is to live the Gospel and be determined by it.  The lies of the world will expose how Christians are meant to live.  The church therefore lives in this way.

This is relevant.

This is credible.

This is the call to faithfulness.

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