Monday, 20 August 2012


Security is the great idol of our day.

So we build bigger houses, try to earn more money, try to put more money into savings, try to win the lottery, try to keep the wolves from the door...try, try, try...

Then we are told that dropping bombs on other countries is for our own security.

We need to get rid of 'evil people', protect our citizens from terrorists, wage war to get peace, overthrow the tyrants.

And if we believe the newspapers and the government then you've most likely got a terrorist, rapist, murderer or some other demon living in your street ready to hurt you.

All this, the need for more money and things, the need to protect the country and your home from evil people, are lies.

We have become obsessed with security as if security was the most important thing.

Rather than live by faith, trusting God with our lives, living the Way of Jesus, forsaking violence and the love of money, we would rather try to establish our lives on crumbling foundations.

God doesn't call us to a life of security but a life of faithfulness and truthfulness.

The church is not called to make people fell a little bit better about themselves and to live a bit less miserably.  The church is called to help people live truthfully and to see clearly.

Jesus is the ultimate antidote to security and sentimentality.

Read the gospels and see for yourself.

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