Friday, 3 August 2012

Living Well

Living in a society where people feel that one of the few ways 'of self-transcendence is orgasm, we Christians are going to have a tough time convincing people that it would be nicer if they would not be promiscuous.' Sex often is used simply as a way of covering up a growing sense of emptiness and the meaningless 'one thing after another' routine of their lives. When it comes to figuring out what is 'right' or 'wrong', people often use the 'I'm an individual and can do what I want' line or 'As long as it feels right to me' line. People have become very detached from each other believing that the best way to live is to be be 'free' from traditions, living however you see fit. Community often looks like a group of people who look the same and sound the same and deal with their detachment from others by joining with others who are just like them. You then get dangerous groups who become very ideological, zealous and with high ego's talking about the world and the way it should be. Capitalism and cooporations wants you to feel lonely, empty and detached so they can feed you the lie that money and possessions, power and fame will fill the void. They want you to be detached so that you will be at their beck and call. The danger for the church is to respond by giving people a list of rules to follow. Or it says that the most important thing is for people to belong. So we end up continuing to feed the desire to fill the void of our lives with just another thing. The Way of Jesus is about living faithfully to the story he has called us to follow in and to live out. We are called to be a gospel people who's lives are shaped by living faithfully to God, following Jesus in his radical call of discipleship. This is where community is found. Living faithfully to Jesus is our highest goal and where we discover our true selves. In relationship with the living God our lives rightly shaped and lived. Resident Aiens is an amazing book. It is from this book that these thoughts have sprung. Buy it and read it if you can...

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