Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Did God Create Himself?

'Did God create Himself?' was the question my five year old daughter Grace asked me the other day.

I think this is a great question, especially because she is only five years old.

I love this question because she is thinking for herself, pushing and questioning the faith that she has and sees in Sarah and I.

It is a question that is asking who God is and what he is all about.  And I am going to encourage Grace to keep asking, keep questioning and keep thinking for herself.

After she asked me I asked her what she thought.  She sat quiet for a while and then said, 'I'm not sure. I think God made the whole of everything...'  Then she went quiet again as we drove past a cemetery. 'I'm going to put you there dad when you die.'  And the conversation moved on!

I left the question in the air and have not given her any answer as to what I think.  I think it is such a good question that it deserves to hang in the air blowing gently like a whisper and forcefully like a shout.

I know what my short answer to her question is, but I didn't want to just say that to her, partly because I wanted to think about it some more.  It made me think about time, origins, beginnings and endings, creation and who God is.  It is a question that reveals more than just one question, it taps into mystery; beautiful, challenging mystery.  I hope she always asks those kind of questions.

In light of all this mystery, I certain of one thing though...

She has my funeral all sorted!


Anonymous said...

The ultimate mystery,but if God is who He says He is,then the only prove that He is God,is that HE created Himself ! ! ! Amen ? Peace and Grace ,Roger

Anonymous said...

the only honest answer you can give to that is "i don't know." and while you're at it, you might aswell admit that you don't know if god exists either.

Joe Haward said...

Hi Anon - Good to have you over here.

I'm quite content in saying that God didn't create Himself because God simply IS. When we talk about existence of God we are using language we don't really understand. The existence of creation is something very different to the existence of God...

And you're right, I can't be 100% sure if God exists. Equally others can't be 100% sure he doesn't. Faith will always play its part until we return to ashes... I find mystery an amazing thing! :)