Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Beyond 400, Evangelism and Worship

There is much being said over at Beyond 400 about the future of the Baptist movement.

40 different people will share their voice as to how they see the future and what changes might happen in order that Baptist's in the UK might deal with the current problems and move forwards positively and radically.

I am still reflecting and thinking through what people have written and my own thoughts into all of this.

One thing I am beginning to pursue in thought is that the church must faithfully be the church.  And the church faithfully being the church is that the church worships the Trinity.  And the church worshipping Father, Son and Spirit requires us to be faithful in worship by sharing in the Eucharist, making disciples, being theological; worship is a calling to glorify God.

I have a concern that our discussions about the future are not rooted in our calling to be a worshipping people.  I'm not sure proper theological wrestling is going on.  I'm not sure a rootedness in Scripture is happening.  I'm not sure that we are seeking for the church to faithfully be the church and are therefore trying to be something else.

The way the church grows is by us being faithful worshippers of the Triune God who alone is worthy of worship.

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