Saturday, 7 January 2012


The Bible speaks of Jesus being the once and for all sacrifice who has taken away sin and made us holy.

The sacrifice of Jesus enables us to know God, to be friends with God, to walk in everlasting companionship with Him.

Jesus died once to take away the sins of the world.  No more sacrifice is needed.  And we would surly say that we no longer offer sacrifices for our sins.  In ancient times sacrifices to appease an angry deity were common place, yet we have given up such foolish and superstitious ways, haven't we?  And we certainly don't offer God sacrifices for our sin because we know that is something Jesus did once and for all with his own body.

Yet we still offer sacrifices.

We sacrifice privacy for our own entertainment.  We sacrifice our children in war for our own security.  We sacrifice rest so that we might work harder and be successful.

We make sacrifices believing that they are the only way to make up for the wrong we have done.  We think that God will go easier on us, or our children will forgive us, or our partners won't walk out on us.

And then we make sacrifices to God believing that he should notice and credit us for them.

Jesus died once and for all for the sins of the world.  There is no sacrifice but his that can take away your sin or my sin.  Only his sacrifice enables forgiveness between one another, healing of broken relationships and redemption from our past.

His is the sacrifice that changes everything.

Yet sacrifice surrounds us so that we believe the lies that we need to sacrifice more, that Jesus' wasn't quite enough.

We sacrifice our very selves to money, fame, sex and power in order to 'get ahead', 'find our place'.

Maybe God will gives us the grace to cast off the lies and walk in the reality and truth that Jesus' sacrifice was the once and for all, total and supreme sacrifice that truly brings freedom.

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