Tuesday, 3 January 2012

River of Hope

My soul glides upon the river of hope
Searching for the dawn to rise
Waiting for the warmth of its embrace
And the wonder of its everlasting call.

Moments of this hope is glimpsed
Ruptures in the fabric of today
Like sunlight breaking through stormy clouds
Bathing me and beckoning me forwards.

Darkness and decay however are never far away.
They lurk in the shadows

They sit in this river like dead tree stumps
Their withered branches reaching for the blackness
Like fingers of evil searching for its pray.

Yet the darkness will not consume me.

This river of hope carries me onwards towards the goal.

The Spirit urging me to work through the rapids
His Voice calling me to stillness in the calm.

And so we continue on this Way
Living for today
Hoping for tomorrow
Loving for eternity.

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