Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Psalm 20 - My Version

An artistic paraphrase of Psalm 20 that I've written:

When you are crying out in pain and despair,
      may God answer and respond to you;
  may you know protection from that Ancient God
  who promises to be with you today.
Our prayer is that He will help you from a place of refuge
      and support you from a place of freedom and promises.
Those sacrifices of tears?
  The offering of your life to Him?
May they be prayers heard and answered.

My prayer is that the Godly longings of your heart,
    the prayers for God's love and justice in the world,
   will be realised and burst into life.

When they are, we will cheer and rave about it;
    we'll post it on Facebook,
   blog about it,
 and share it with our friends when we're down the pub.

We're holding out that God will answer your prayers.

I'm sure that God rescues those whom
        His loving arms are stretched out towards;
   He answers their pleas from His place of beauty, peace and justice
with the power and love shown through his Son.

So many of us trust in our own might, power and influence;
      our wealth, our possessions, our control, our ability to manipulate,
    but we are called to another way;
 we trust in God.
He's the One who has everything in control and knows what's right and best for us all.
      So those power hungry, self-satisfying manipulators
will come crashing down from their places of influence.
And the humble and weak who trust in God
     will find their feet and not be shaken from their place with God.

O God rescue us!
King of Kings, please hear us and answer our prayers! 

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