Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Let's talk about sex

On Radio 5 Live this morning they were discussing sex education in schools and the problem's with teenage pregnancy, STD's and sexual activity among young people.

One of the problem's with the phone in was that there was an assumption that better sex education in school would combat the problems that are caused by young people having sex. Now I believe that schools should provide good sex education and help young people know their own body and treasure it as theirs. It is important that urban myths around sex are exposed and young people can learn the truth about sex and the dangers with having unprotected sex and having sex too young. But sex education in schools is just one of a whole number of things that needs to happen in order that the problem's with underage sex and young people having sex can be dealt with.

As a nation we need to learn about the value of relationships and commitment.

There is a breakdown in strong family life and so our young people see modelled multiple partners, family breakdown, sex as a recreational act and a lack of trust for another. No matter how many lessons are taught about sex, if it is not being modelled in their communities then nothing will change. Not only young people, but our communities need to see that there is another way that we can be in relationship.

We need to see how people trust and respect each other.

We need to see people putting the needs of another ahead of their own in order that both will flourish in that relationship.

We need to see people treating their own bodies with respect, understanding that their body is a gift from God.

We need to see people being authentic and transparent in relationships.

We need to see married people revealing the beauty of marriage and how in the good times and the bad times they stick together, learning through it all and loving unconditionally.

We need to see people not giving all of themselves away in such a hurry, but seeing that in waiting and learning to love each other will build a strong and beautiful base in their relationship.

Sex education is but one aspect in this complex and difficult time. We need to see a radical shift in the way relationships are viewed and how strong committed relationships between families, loved ones and friends can help change the problem of underage and inappropriate sex in the UK.

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