Monday, 3 October 2011

Karma and Grace


It is a word lost in the chaos of our culture.

Grace - God's free and gratuitous love.

It cannot be earned, paid for, worked for or taken away.

Grace means that God freely gives of himself without expecting anything in return.  Grace means that God loves us and gives gifts of life and love knowing fully well that we may never respond in love to him.  Grace is that giving fully of oneself without any motive, reward or gain.

Grace is grace, there is no other concept in all of time or space.

Karma is not grace.

Cause and effect is not grace.

Reward and punishment is not grace.

All too often we expect karma; someone does something against you and you expect karma to come around and something bad will happen to them as a result.  Or we do something good without reward, but expect karma to operate and somewhere down the line we will get our reward.

But grace is completely different.

So if someone speaks or acts in an evil way towards you, the response is grace; free, gratuitous love and forgiveness.
If you do a kind deed for another, do it not for reward, but because that person needed it. Your reward is knowing that someone has been given love and kindness.

The way of the universe is grace, not karma, because God is the source and sustainer of this universe.

God's response to the pain, suffering and evil of the world is the giving of Himself in Jesus; grace.  This is not cause and effect, reward and punishment, but free and gratuitous love.

Grace is a beautiful and mysterious thing.

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