Friday, 28 October 2011

Death Penalty

'For us it is with regret that capital punishment is not an option for his sentence.' Jo Yeates family.

Today Vincent Tabak was found guilty of the murder of Jo Yeates and was sentenced to at least twenty years in prison. Jo Yeates mother and father openly hope that during his time in prison his life will be made a living hell.

I have two daughters and the thought of them suffering and dying at the hands of someone like Tabak makes my blood run cold. It would destroy me. I cannot imagine how Jo Yeates' parents and family feel.

But I feel deeply uneasy when statements desiring the death penalty are made.

This desire will cause a constant dissatisfaction, will grow hatred within and will take the pain, suffering and hurt from the loss and grow it in your life becoming a soul destroying bitterness that will eat you alive.

The death penalty is not justice, it is vengeance.

I truly believe that God is the God of all justice and hope and that he will be God in every situation.

I write very cautiously as I have never experienced such crippling loss, but I believe that Jesus took the ultimate death so that humanity could one know freedom from death, suffering, hatred and sin.

I pray that the Yeates family might know the nearness of God and close support of great friends.

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