Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Dale Farm

The news is covered with the eviction of those who live on Dale Farm.

For those who are unaware, Dale Farm is the largest travellers site in Britain and the police have been called in today to evict them from the site. This has been a long process that has been to court a number of times and now the council have the ruling to evict the residents from this site.

Without doubt, travellers invoke all kinds of feelings and emotions among people.

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding was a show aired fairly recently that a lot of people watched, such is the fascination and strong opinion on this community of people.

I heard some people speaking on the radio today who live in Basildon and there is clearly a long history of ill feeling, distrust and anger between both sides.

And the media are doing their best to whip this whole thing up.


Those who live on Dale Farm are people.

It is a community with people of all ages.

Jesus called us to be a people of mercy, love and forgiveness.  We are called to act in grace even when everything within us wants to act in another way.

And the people on Dale Farm need homes and places to live.

Could there not have been ways to have resolved this situation before it reached this point? I understand that there is a lot of pain and anger, but surely there is another way?

A lot of people keep speaking about living by the law and that they should be no different.

Sometimes we need to look past the letter of the law and see how this is impacting and affecting real people.

There is a history and a culture and a way of life going on here that is deeply entrenched.  It is not a simple as moving people on.

We need the creativity of the Holy Spirit to help us here.

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