Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A New Reality

Jesus' life, death and resurrection jolts us out of self-deception into the reality of our own situation and the truth of who we are.

We are sinners.

I am a sinner.

You are a sinner.

We often rebel and protest this point because we see sin and sinners as 'the other', those who have broken the rules and the law in some brutal way.  The murderer or rapist or rioter.

But sin is not about breaking rules or laws.

We are all sinners 'because we deceive ourselves about the nature of reality and so would crucify the very One who calls us to God's kingdom.'

We live as though we can be the authors of our own stories, as though we have the power to be the main players in the drama and story of humanity. We try to live as though we had no need for God and as if God's story has no place in our own stories.

Jesus came to shake us out of this deception and to reveal reality to us.

He told us that the most important thing to do in our lives was to love God. The next most important thing was to love others.

He told us we needed to repent.

He showed us our need to care for the poor, abused and outcast.

He revealed the horror of our desire for power and hunger to manipulate and control others.

And as he hung on the cross, taking our place, we realise what our place really is.

And so we understand who God is through narrative and the narrative of Jesus. And we see ourselves through this narrative and seek to become a part of this very story. In recognising that we are sinners seeking to rebel against this story, we are then able to see how the Author would like us to become a part of His Great Story.

We are merely characters created to be loyal to the One who created the stars, heavens and earth.

Jesus calls us into the truth of reality. Whether we are willing to participate in this reality and enter into a new story is another thing entirely.

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