Thursday, 29 September 2011

Make me rich


I don't trust this guy.  But I think he is probably being honest.  Amazing really that a trader has spoken so honestly about his desire to get richer and richer and that he doesn't care about anything other than making a lot of money.

I wonder if politicians will ever be that honest.

I do suspect that what this guy is saying could well happen and that we are entering into an unknown and never before seen time in our lives and the world economy.  It is a time for people to join hands and help each other.

This is a time where the Church can be who they are called to be; a people of good news who enact and share the story of Jesus in the communities that they live in order that people would discover who they are truly called to be.

We are called to be in communion with God to discover our true selves and live in the hope of the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus, inviting people to come and share in a new community where God is known and can be known.

We are called to be a people of the Kingdom of God, seeking God to bring His Kingdom to earth, establishing another way to live and to love, seeking the good for all of God's good creation.

We are called to be a people who care for the poor, oppressed and downtrodden, seeking out the stranger and inviting them into a new community of peace and refuge.

We are called to a path of suffering, following the Way of Jesus and knowing him in his sufferings.

We are called to expose the idols of our time, declare what is evil and seek its destruction.

The god of money is exposed as an idol, yet path away from the worship of it and towards the worship of God is long, rocky and difficult.

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