Monday, 26 September 2011

Jesus walks into a gay bar...

'Andrew Marin - who has spent the last decade living in Boystown, Chicago's officially-designated neighbourhood for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) residents - works to try and bring Christians and gay people together in open conversation about sexuality and spirituality - and that includes running a large-scale meeting four times a year at Roscoe's, one of America's most famous gay bars...He says that the Marin Foundation simply wants to get gay people thinking about Christian spirituality in its broadest sense, without a disproportionate emphasis on sexual morality.

I love this story.
I love how Andrew Marin has committed himself to real relationships with people.
I love how he refuses to give answers, how he refuses to put any one person in a box, how he refuses to define someone's spiritual journey based on their sexuality.
I love how seeks to help people live a life with God according to where God is leading them, not according to what their sexuality is.
I think this story highlights some beautiful things:

That beautiful place of vulnerability; giving yourself to others and allowing yourself to learn from them.
That sacred place of allowing questions to hang there without answers; allowing the mystery of God to transform you and bathe life in mystery.
That challenging place of otherness; going to the people and places where God has always been but where you were too ignorant, judgemental or afraid to go and finding love, joy and change in your own life by being there.

Thank God for people like Andrew Marin

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