Monday, 5 September 2011

The Day that Changed the World

It is nearly 10 years since the atrocities of September 11th 2001.

I'm sure all of us can remember watching our television screens in disbelief and horror as events unfolded before our eyes.

Real questions of the human condition were asked.  How can we do this to each other? What can stir such hate to be acted upon from one human being to another?

We grieved and mourned for those who had died and our thoughts and prayers went to those who had lost loved ones.

And in a few days time people will gather to remember those who died.  Those who put their lives in danger to rescue others will be commemorated and praised.  People from all over the world will take time to pray for peace, for love and that nothing like this will happen again.  It was a horrendous event that we pray will indeed never happen again.

Many have said it was the day that changed the world.

But it wasn't.

There was a day in around A.D 33 that changed the world forever.

This day was the death of Jesus.

It is not simply a day that has been lost in the pages of history. It is not a day that is remembered but has no effect on today. It is a day that continues to transform and impact they very fibre of the universe.

It is a day that the full force of evil was felt.

It is a day that death unleashed its worst.

This is the day that changed the world forever.

The splintered wooden cross hanging on the back of Jesus continues to unsettle and disturb us this very day.

The pain and destruction of September 11th 2001 has been felt in all its fulness by Jesus on that day in A.D 33.

And it is only because of that day in A.D 33 that the events of September 11th 2001 can ever be healed and dealt with. We are to resist the evil that September 11th reveals.

Christians from all over the world are to continually remember the day that changed the world. We are called to cling to that splintered Cross of Jesus recognising that our own lives and destiny depends upon it.  And we are to live as a people that sees, knows and experiences the truth and reality of that Day in A.D 33 upon this very day.

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