Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A Prayer

Father God

Our televisions are filled with images of destruction, violence, robbery and pain. People are shocked, distressed, angry and bewildered.

We pray for peace.

For those who riot and steal, smash and intimidate, burn and hurt, Lord we pray your Spirit would transform as only you can.

For those who are angry, who seek revenge, who seek to hurt back, who seek to combat violence with violence, Lord we pray for peace, forgiveness and a sense of your everlasting love.

We pray for the public to be safe, for those who are helping to be protected. We pray for the police to be wise and the politicians to be honest, not seeking political gain but the wellbeing of communities.

Lord Jesus we pray that all of us would be aware of your grace and presence in our lives, but we pray especially that this would be true for those most immediately affected by these raw and real events.

We pray that darkness would not overcome, but the light of your love would prevail. We pray that we would not seek darkness to overcome darkness. We pray we would not seek violence to overcome violence. We pray we not seek bitterness to swallow our hearts. We pray we would not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.

Many of us are angry Lord at what is happening. We believe in righteous anger at injustice. Help us use this anger properly to bring peace, reconciliation and restoration.

Lord Jesus as we look at our TV screens we feel helpless. So we recognise our need for you. Forgive us Lord when we have got so comfortable with all we have that we have forgotten you and seen no need for you. Forgive us Lord when we have rioted against your love and will for our lives. Help us Lord to know you. May knowing you be the goal for us all.

We pray for your grace, mercy and love O God.

And we pray in the mighty name of Jesus, the name at which every knee will bow.


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