Tuesday, 23 August 2011

No Need For God

'As we talked about in in my backyard, we concluded that the problem with most pastors and theologians was that the way they went about their business did not require the existence of God.'

Stanley Hauerwas, Hannah's Child p 194


Tom Haward said...

Because sitting in an office all week writing a preach doesn't need God involved.

That's one thing which bugs me - I understand the significance of preaching but I don't understand how some pastors, vicars, etc spend 80% of their time in a week working on a preach. It's like they think it will have some magical power on a Sunday morning.

Maybe it's the massive Billy Graham style events to blame. A massive preach 'converting' loads of people. Then pastors think that will happen every Sunday morning...

Joe Haward said...


I think some of it has to do with Sunday being the epicentre of a church's life. So the minister falls into the trap of believing that their week revolves around what happens on a Sunday morning.

And as I think about this quote even more I'm struck by how deeply insightful and disturbing it is...what an amazing guy Hauerwas is.