Tuesday, 16 August 2011


I haven't properly blogged for a while because of holidays and study. I'mstill to follow up my post about getting drunk and my personal thoughts about a way forward. I will blog about that soon. I also want to blog about the riots, specifically the governments response to the riots and the call by many for more brutal policing.

I'm on my study week at the moment and I am writing a novel that will explore the Christian faith. My hope is that it will be a book that anyone can read, especially those who have no concept or understanding of the Christian faith. I'm writing it in a novel form so that it will be a story that explores a man going on a journey of faith. I'm using my own life story as a basis and expanding it to make it, hopefully, readable and a good story.

Think I will put a chapter on here later in the week to get feedback and see what people think.


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