Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Death Denier

We are death deniers.

We believe we will live forever, cloaked somehow in immortality through our own might and strength.

Policies come from our government that further this denial of death.

We fight a war in Iraq because we are afraid of death.  And the horror of it all is that men and woman are dying on those bloodshed streets so that the powerful can try and live forever.

We are afraid of death so we murder others to protect ourselves.

There is no war against terror.  It is a war against the terror of death.

It is not a war for peace, stability and reconciliation.  It is a war for self-preservation.

We murder through war, through money, through greed.

We are afraid of death.

In the UK we are afraid of death.

But we haven't been created to live forever.  We have come form the dust and shall return to the dust.

The death of Jesus enables us to embrace death because in Jesus death has lost its sting and power.

Death will come to us all, and all of us are equals. None of us have the power to overcome it or stop it. No amount of worldly power, wealth or intelligence can stop it.

There is only One who has the power over life and death.

He embraced death in order that we might have the hope of life.

But that life can only come through His death and our own death.

Death denier hand yourself over to the Life-Giver.

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