Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Love Winning and Dark Knight Rising

We were sitting the restaurant having some dinner when a waitress walked over to us.  The first person she spoke to was Lizzie, my eight month old daughter.  She stroked her hair and her cheek, smiled at her, held her hand and tickled her.  She then picked her up, cuddled her and walked off with her.

Another evening I was standing with Grace when two ladies walked over and started talking to my four year old daughter Grace.  They didn't even look at me but looked straight at Grace.  They stroked her cheek, kissed her and cuddled her.

Another day a man walked over to Grace, knelt down smiling the biggest smile, and held Grace's hand. He asked her name, called her princess and stroked her cheek.

On another evening a man walked over to Lizzie when she was in her pushchair and smiled at her.  Lizzie beamed back and her laughed out loud.  His face was filled with joy as she smiled at him.  He held her feet and stroked her hair, all the time smiling and laughing with so much joy written all over his face.

I asked Grace how she felt when people kept coming up to her and holding and kissing her, people that she had never met or seen before.  She said it made her feel soft inside.

This was our experience of Turkey this year.

I think we have become too paranoid and too fearful in the UK.  Much of that has to do with the evil media.  And fear is the opposite to faith.  We need to have more faith in our neighbour.  Not everyone is a pedophile. There are many people out there who love and care for children.  Children should be shown loads of love.

I found myself constantly filled with joy as I watched the joy that my children gave to complete strangers in Turkey. I loved how my girls smiled and laughed as they were showered in love and affection by complete strangers.

My children existed in Turkey.  They were noticed and spoken to and attention was given to them.  They were not ignored or dismissed or made to be like an adult.  They were children.  Treated like children and listened to like children.

And these moments were very special.  Moments of heaven.

And speaking of heaven, I am so looking forward to this film!

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Tim Abbott said...

We noticed exactly the same thing when we were out in Turkey with Richard and Katy Smith and their toddler, Moses. There's something so honest and open about the way Turkish people relate to children - Mo became an instant passport to welcome, conversation and friendship.