Thursday, 21 July 2011

A Dinner Party Meme

Sam has come up with a new meme based on a dinner party theme.  Here are the rules.

Rules: You have to have 12 people including yourself. Of those there needs to be at least four men, at least four woman, at least four who are known to you personally and at least four who are "famous". You are not allowed anyone who has passed on to the great hereafter - that would be a rather different sort of party. It needs to be one that might plausibly 'work' (i.e don't just pile people together. You also need to choose a place/style of food.

Here is my party:

My wife Sarah
My twin bro Tom
My daughter Grace
My daughter Lizzie
Caroline Laver
John Colwell
Daniel Day Lewis
Brad Pitt
Damon Albarn
Gweneth Paltrow
Peter Kay

We would eat tapas because it is great for sharing and allows good conversations to flow.

I tag Tom, Rach and Peter

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