Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A Prayer

A prayer:

I pray for the man I spoke to yesterday who was struggling with some kind of addiction.  Help him Jesus to find hope and joy in You, in life and may he, through his struggles, find that you join him in his struggles.

I pray for the other man I spoke to a couple of weeks ago who was in a similar struggle.  Help him Lord.

I thank you for the dad and his son I saw laughing together.  Thank you Father God for the joy of being a parent and for the laughter and relationship that these two were sharing together.

Thank you for the little girl who came and stood next to me in the coffee, staring at my face.  Thank you Lord that she reminded me that humanity shares a common bond and that you call us to stand together in love and peace.  Thank you Lord for our children who remind us daily what it means to love you and love each other.

I pray for the woman who was talking about losing her licence because of drink driving.

I pray for the man who was speaking with such hatred in his heart for another.  Heal and reconcile Lord.

Thank you God for the father and daughter who stopped and looked at a caterpillar crossing the pavement and who they smiled at each other as they shared this moment.  Thank you God for your creation and how through it we can know joy and encounter your love.

I pray in Jesus name,


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