Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Our True Selves

The most significant and life-changing events in our lives usually occur in the times when we are at our most vulnerable, uncomfortable and far from our place of safety.

It is when we are in those situations that are most shocking and dramatic, that shake us out of our comfort zones and cut into the routine and pattern of our lives, that usher in a life changing way of being and change the possibilities around us forever.

It is in the company of strangers and the encounters with new people that can often be the times when we discover most about ourselves.

It is when we are in a strange new world, listening to foreign tongues, that we are most likely to hear the whisper of God's Spirit calling us to imagine once again, to be filled
with hope anew, to see the world afresh and all that is possible if we would but dare to dream the dreams of God.

This strange new world and foreign tongues might be the slums in Kolkata or the rubbish dumps of Kenya.  They equally might be the pub at the end of your road or the school in your own town.  It could be the estate behind your church or the village in China.  But it is in these places, away from where we are comfortable, a place where we are uncertain of ourselves, that we hear the voice of God.

The Way of Jesus is one where we are called out of comfort and self assurance, and into a place of vulnerability and dependance.

As soon as we are comfortable with our own success, achievements and status, then we have abandoned the Way of Jesus.

As soon as we believe that going to church on Sunday is the focus and goal of our week, then we have abandoned the Way of Jesus.

As soon as we think it is ok to ignore the dispossessed, poor and oppressed because it feels to uncomfortable to meet with them, because we would rather someone else met with them them, because we don't have time for them, then we have abandoned the Way of Jesus.

We are most open to the Spirit, most the people we were created to be, when we are at our most vulnerable and uncomfortable.  And this is because we recognise that our strength, our dependance and our love all flows from God and finds its root in God.  As soon as we place the emphasis on our success and our abilities we lose sight of our Creator and Sustainer.

When we are in a place of utter helplessness we discover our true selves, and that who we are and what we are about is found and revealed in Jesus because it is about who He is and what He is about.


Sia Jane said...

I agree.
Through all this adversity I have learnt so much about myself and gained such insight.
And despite not wishing my *path* on anyone, I would not go back on it xxxx

Joe Haward said...

Yeah, we learn so much in all our experiences. It is important that we own our past and our stories. Whatever our path it is important that we own it as ours. :0)

Tom Haward said...

I long for comfortableness, but then I wonder if that's more to do with state of mind rather than circumstance.


Joe Haward said...

I think you are right bro. I think what I was getting at is to do with circumstances rather than state of mind. Living in mental turmoil is never a good thing. Sometimes though we are made to feel uncomfortable within ourselves in order that we might venture into a new 'place' that will ultimately bring peace...