Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Divine Sorrow

Tom Wright speaks about death and reflects on the recent death of his father.

Death is something that is being spoken about a lot in the media at the moment.

'Jesus wasn't just a glorified spiritual social worker.'  In other words, Jesus came to do far more than simply heal some people, say loving and wise things and condemn the injustice in the world.  Rather he came to confront the evil, sin, death and tyranny in the world head on and defeat it through his life, death and resurrection, in order that a new morning would one day come.

Death is painful, sad and so difficult.  But Jesus has ushered in a new creation whereby death will not have the final word.  So as followers of Jesus, when we grieve we can grieve as people with hope that death has not won.  We grieve as people that believe that there is a new morning on its way.  We grieve knowing that God grieves with us.

Divine sorrow and divine hope because of the Divine Life, Death and Resurrection.

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