Thursday, 9 June 2011

Darkness and Light

As I continue to listen to this series of lectures by Stanley Hauerwas, I am continuing to be deeply challenged by what is being said and implied.

I believe the Christian community should be challenged in its understanding and approach to those with mental illness.

Humanity should be on a journey of discovery whereby we learn from each other and so enrich each others lives and be changed when we need to be.

What can those who are suffering from depression, anxiety and darkness teach us about what it means to be Christian?  When darkness is your only companion, how does that shape us in our walk with God and what does that tell us about who God is?  What can those with the darkness learn from those without it?  And what can those without the darkness learn about God from those who are with it?

How limited is Christian discipleship?

Are there those who, because the darkness is indeed so very dark, will choose to never enter the Christian story, refusing to become a part of it and therefore reminding us the limits of any account of Christian discipleship, including our own.

Are there those for whom, because of the darkness, Jesus can never be the Light of the world, and therefore challenges us in how we understand church, community, salvation and following Jesus?

What are we willing to learn together in this journey of darkness and light?

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