Monday, 27 June 2011

A Conversation

I met a couple of guys the other day and we got chatting about various different things.

Both very interesting and unique.  Both with fascinating thoughts about life, faith and spirituality.

One of them believed in God.  He believed in who Jesus was.  He was passionate about Israel.  He believed in a literal 6 day creation.  He struggled with being a follower of Jesus.  He believed in unconditional love.  He believed that our actions today matter.  He found faith to be hard work and believed he was far from God.  He spoke about salvation.  He spoke about running away from the army in South Africa and going to live in Israel.  He shared about his love for chess and being beaten all the time.  He spoke about fear.  He spoke about how things can be much simpler if we would allow ourselves to be open to simplicity.  He spoke about his struggle with life.  He spoke about his journey.

The other guy believed Jesus was a spiritual master.  He had explored loads of different spirituality's.  He had dabbled in Roman Catholicism, astral projection, Buddhism, Mormonism, and many forms of meditation.  He believed Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and others were people who were 100% in touch with their spiritual selves and were models of how we should live.  He pondered whether planets and galaxies were created for our spirits to roam when we die.  He struggled with believing that Jesus is God and that salvation could be about what one particular group of people believed.  He wondered what life was all about.  He spoke about evil people and what is right and fair.  He spoke about being open to other people's point of view.  He spoke about challenging those points of view.  He questioned religion's love of power.  He questioned the motives of others.  He spoke about his journey.

I shared that I believe in the Creator God who made all things out of nothing.  I shared that I struggled as a follower of Jesus and that there were many times I felt far from God and faith a challenge.  I shared how I believe unconditional love is the goal.  I shared how today matters and our actions have eternal consequences.  I shared how I believe that Jesus will make all things new and will heal all the brokenness and pain in the world.  I shared how I believe we are more than simply spirits but that our bodies matter today and into eternity.  I shared how I believe everything will find its goal and purpose in Jesus.  I shared how if you want to know who God is and what God is like you need to look at Jesus.  I shared how we can have hope for this day and our every tomorrow because of Jesus.  I shared how little I know and how little we all know.  I shared how there is so much mystery and we are only scratching the surface in terms of what we know and the amazing vastness of the universe.  I shared about grace.  I spoke about my journey.  

We laughed and chatted, shock our heads at each other and spoke loudly as we agreed together.  We shared life for a brief moment in time and found joy in sharing.

We shared our journeys with each other and in doing so, became a part of each others journey.

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