Thursday, 23 June 2011

Charity Mate

I keep hearing and reading in the news about foreign aid and the amount that the UK government give to overseas aid.

The government are coming under attack for the amount they give in foreign aid whilst deep cuts are happening here in the UK.

Journalists and the public are chanting that charity begins at home and asking why should people abroad get our money when we are suffering here?

What a load of rubbish.

We do not recognise the extent of our wealth.

Our wealth here in the UK is beyond our understanding.  The luxury's we can afford is better than some kings had in history.  The ability to go to the cinema and buy a bag of sweets and large drink (which I did last night) is a money luxury that many people could only dream of.

There are many around the world that spend 70% of their income of food.  And that is not to live as kings, but simply to survive.  There are many that do not have enough money to buy food to live.

The fact that most of us can afford to go on holiday somewhere, drive a car and watch a tv is an example of how rich we are.

So let us not talk with greed and selfishness and stupidity when we moan about giving to the poor in other countries.  Let us also not be naive in recognising that so much foreign aid comes with strings attached from government to government and very often does nothing to help the plight of the poorest.  Better to look for ways to give directly to those who are suffering if you can find a way to do that.

Please, let us stop this talk of charity beginning at home and recognise our responsibility to our fellow humanity living in utter poverty and pain all around the world.  So much of the way we live and the things we buy out of our wealth harms and damages people, communities and environments in the poorest parts of the world.  We need to be aware and to look to make changes and to give joyfully and generously.

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