Monday, 23 May 2011

What Would a Free Man Do?

I have been mulling over the concept of freedom.  What is freedom?  How do we live in freedom with free lives?

What would a free man do?

Is freedom limited because of our morality.  In other words, can our choices be limited to such a degree that we are not free to really choose?

Is freedom about doing whatever I want to do with no rules?

Have you ever heard someone say on a stag night, 'This is your last night of freedom?'  So committing yourself into a marriage is seen as a removal of freedom.  You're no longer able to do whatever you want to do because you have someone else to think about, someone else you are committed to.

My own story is one of a life where I did whatever I wanted to do. I would sleep around, be drunk most days and use my money any way I felt I wanted to.
I did whatever I wanted and believed I was truly free.

Yet the truth is that I wasn't free and didn't feel free.

My desire's controlled me.  So everyday was a battle and a desperation to satisfy my desires.  The Beast raged and I needed to do something in order for it to be satisfied.

The reality is that the more I lived doing whatever I wanted to do, the more of a slave to my desires I became, whereby they controlled me.

So freedom isn't really about doing whatever we want to do.  What we want ends up wanting and controlling us.

So maybe freedom is really about something else.

Maybe freedom is best understood in another way.

Maybe we need to think again about the way we think, handle and live in freedom.  How would someone live a free life?

I'll pick this up tomorrow.

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