Wednesday, 11 May 2011

What Kind of Leader?

A Servant Leader or a Leader Man...

Servant Leader: Has something to say
LeaderMan: Wants a platform on which to say something

LeaderMan: Wants you to know he's a Leader
Servant Leader: You're not sure he knows he's a leader

LeaderMan: Loves the idea of the Gospel, and the idea of The Church
Servant Leader: Loves God and the actual individual people God brings across his path

LeaderMan: Helps you find where God is leading you in his organization
Servant Leader: Helps you find where God is leading you

LeaderMan: Gets together with you to talk about his vision
Servant Leader: Just gets together with you

LeaderMan: Wants the right people on the bus
Servant Leader: Wants to find the right bus for you, and sit next to you on it

LeaderMan: Invests time in you, if you are "key people"
Servant Leader: Wastes time with you

LeaderMan: Gives you things to do
Servant Leader: Gives you freedom

This came from This Is My Body via Brant Hanson.

I really like it.

Think I would want to add:

LeaderMan: How many people come to your church
Servant Leader: How deep are the relationships you've got in your church

Servant Leader: Wants to walk with you in the pain
LeaderMan: Wants to fix you

I'm sure the list could go on and on...

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